Daria Rivera

Mindset Elevation Expert & Parenting, Women's and Girls Mentor

I couldn’t stomach the idea of money being the barrier to change. These are the girls and women that we cannot, must not, leave behind. Becoming a Heartfelt Coach, shifting the paradigm and Paying It Forward was the piece of my career path puzzle I always felt was missing.”

- Daria Rivera

A bit about working together

You are a woman on a mission, with a mission. 

You live authentically; as the brave, strong, beautiful and unlimited soul that your are.

You wake up every day with purpose and passion. 

You’re raising a more empowered and compassionate generation of future leaders.

The relationship with your children grows closer and happier every single day.

You live your Values  and everyone knows it.  You make decisions in alignment with those values and you set Goals that serve your Intentions.

Your life is abundant and blissful. 

Because YOU are the Creative Director of your life.

And your life is EPIC.

This is the life I want for you.  

It’s the life you deserve and it IS within your power to achieve.


I have your back.


As a parent of two girls, Daria challenges me in ways that I have never thought of and I appreciate her love for women and girls alike. She’s going to move mountains and impact our current and future generations in ways that will forever change the world of parenting, self esteem, self worth and most of all the art of surrendering. Her work is unmatched and so impactful!”

- Jaclyn


For some, help is a luxury. For others, it's an absolute necessity.

A word on why we created this movement:

“The world can be a better place – one person at a time.

The only way to do that is to help one person at a time. The Heartfelt Collective is committed to helping everyone – regardless of their financial situation.

The Heartfelt Movement is an international collective of coaching entrepreneurs across many disciplines with a common belief: that we can help make the world a better place by sharing our knowledge with all who need it, not only those who can afford it.

We’re changing the paradigm so that knowledge and help that has been available in elite circles, for a hefty price tag, is accessible to anyone looking to improve their quality of life either personally or professionally.

With income disparity at levels not seen in our lifetime, we believe offering our help at affordable rates is more important now than ever.

What we’re doing:

We’re removing income as a barrier to the powerful coaching, teaching, and healing knowledge of the growing collective.

By sharing skills to get past obstacles that hold us back, as well as guidance and strategies for personal and professional growth, we can change lives.

How we’re doing it:

We’ve adopted a pay-what-you-can model*, which means that anyone can get the coaching and support they need to improve their lives, at a price that works for them.

If you’ve ever felt stuck and you found the support to break through, you know what a difference this work can make. 

We’re asking you to help us bring our work to a wider audience so they can experience that growth and success.”

– Jessa Hargrove, Owner & Creator of Heartfelt Marketing


BECOME A HEARTFELT COACH & JOIN THE MOVEMENT If you feel aligned with the Heartfelt Movement and would like to create a sustainable and powerful coaching business based on the Heartfelt model, contact me so I may set you up with Jessa, the owner and founder of this powerful movement.


For every $47 of support, you will sponsor one woman’s FREE one month spot in the Heartfelt Women and Girls Academy where she will receive both personal and collective guidance and support on her life and/or parenting mission.  

As a Thank You, you will receive a download to “Living Intentionally, How to Create and Live Your Values, Goals & Intentions” as well as a link to download one of my favorite games by Cards for Connection®!

Thank You!