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2 Unique Programs, 30 Deep-Dive Days, Customized Just FOR YOU!

...She is an intuitive leader and space holder...

Not only is Daria a mindful coach, she is also an intuitive leader and space-holder. She has a maternal instinct in her that seems she has been a motherly soul in past lives. I love her non-judgment, all-love approach to coaching, and her inner listening about the world around us. She brings real life into the coaching space, and provides intuitive solutions for moms of both girls and boys. I am GRATEFUL for her gift of coaching!” 


...It's rare to see a combination of passion and compassion...

What can I say about Daria? Words are not enough to describe her passion, authenticity and sense of purpose .. it’s rare to see such a combination of passion and compassion .. that too with a “roaring” purpose!!!! Daria Rivera is who the little girls of the world need to be feel strong and confident .. I truly recommend her and commend her work from the bottom of my heart!!!”


...Daria is fierce in her vision...

Daria’s mission is so close to my heart. As a mother of a “goddess-in-training” – I need someone who is a cheerleader and guide in these challenging times. Daria is fierce in her vision to help mothers mold the women leaders of the future! I am so grateful to have access to her gracious wisdom.”


...such amazing insight with children...

Daria has such an amazing insight with children, supporting self esteem and individuality. I highly recommend Daria and the information she delivers is so generous.”

The Intuitive Mom:

Reclaiming Your Unique Parenting Magic

The day you became a mom was the first day of the rest of your life in so many new, profound, and frankly, scary, ways.

You dreamt of sleepy baby yawns, first smiles, fresh-baked cookies…

You knew it wouldn’t be easy. Or for the faint of heart, of course. But you were ready!

And it has been amazing; amazingly good and amazingly…more complicated than you thought.

Sometimes you just need to sleep it off.  Or a cup of coffee.  And a cookie.

And sometimes you need a little bit more guidance; both from within and without.

Because the thing is, you’ve got the answers.  In there.  That 6th Mom Sense.  

And I’m going to teach you how to reconnect with her.

It goes a little something like this…

30 Days of deep Intuitive Guidance, working to:
– Strengthen your connection to, and hone use of, your Intuition

– Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit for easier and better decision-making

– Getting to know your children on a deeper, more emotional and spiritual level

– Working WITH your children to tighten and deepen the mother/child bond

You will work one-on-one with me throughout the entire 4 weeks to develop trust, connection, friendship, and a safe zone for deep work and shares to occur.

It will be MAGIC!

    coaching your way

    Personal, Parenting & Professional

    Life Alignment Coaching

    “Join a group program!” they all said!

    “It’ll be fun!” they all said. 

    “THIS is the way to do X, Y, and Z!” (yup), they all said.

    Group programs really can be all that, and more.  But sometimes you just need a focused approach to aligning (or re-aligning) the various elements in your life…Personal, Parenting, Professional.

    Time is a valuable resource. And you have things to do, people to love, and dreams to achieve. 

    You want something tailor-made to your way of working, thinking,  living, and someone who understands your priorities. Because you want this to be doable, sustainable, and lovable.

    I get it.  I had to craft and align MY life the way that worked for ME and in a way that I truly loved. 

    Which is why I love helping women to align their values and intentions, surrender to their innate knowing, and practice visualization and gratitude to create the Personal, Parenting, and Professional life of their dreams!

    Over the course of 30 days, we’re going to put together your very own personal Road Map based on your:

    – Values, Goals & Intentions (you will be having LOTS of Ah-Ha moments, trust me!)

    – Work/Lifestyle

    – Short, Mid, and Long Term Goals & Intentions

    – Mind, Body, Spirit Practices

    – Personality

    I love to have fun and laugh, but am serious when needed.  So expect to have a good time, but also expect I will be honest and forthright with you.  I want to help set you on the path to the future you envision!

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    The Intuitive Mom

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    Coaching YOUR Way

    2 spots/month