Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

– February 14th, 2019 –

Masterclass Begins








“I love Daria and her wisdom! She has such a beautiful way of sharing about her vast experience of conscious parenting. It’s so good to have somebody who really understands, who knows what the challenges are and who can help to make this wonderful journey between a mother and her child feel easier!

– Lilith Moon

If you’ve gotten here it’s because you may already know a bit about me; that I’m an intuitive-led parent to three wily daughters, an entrepreneur, and a woman who supports other women through the joy-full and joy-less days of parenthood.

As women we sometimes worry whether we’re enough.  Add motherhood into the mix and the “enoughs” run amok!  As in, are we giving our kids enough time, things, patience, education, values, or the nurturing their souls require?  

Enough is enough!

In this 60-minute first quarterly Masterclass you will learn how and what to deposit into your child’s Emotional Piggybank so the dividends pay out in perpetuity.

Taking this approach, every night you’ll go to sleep knowing your “enough” today will mature into a wealth of family prosperity later.

And as a bonus (because bonuses are fun!) once you register, you’ll get your free infographic detailing 12 GUILT-FREE and benefit-driven ways to keep your kids entertained while you’re working from home.

See you on Valentine’s Day!



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